For Hockey and Lacrosse players:

If you want to see all of YOUR pictures from a game without having to scroll through 500-1000 images per game, use the Keyword Cloud! I tag all the files with the player(s) that is (are) in the shot, and each player's name then becomes an entry in the Keyword Cloud, which you can click on to see all the photos of a single player for an entire season.

To access the Keyword Cloud, you must first log into your team's gallery using the appropriate password. (Galleries are accessed from the menu bar near the top of every page, i.e., SMCC Hockey, SMCC Lacrosse, THM06.) Once you are logged into your team's gallery, go to the Keyword Cloud and then you should see your name in the list. Click on it, and all the pictures that you have been tagged in will come up for you to scroll through. They typically come up in reverse chronological order (so, most recent games first).

Please note that while I do my best to figure out which kid is which as I'm tagging photos, I sometimes miss a few, and I sometimes get them just plain wrong. :) But I would say I have about a 90-95% accuracy rate, which isn't bad when you're talking about tens of thousands of pictures over the years! :) Thanks for overlooking any errors!