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Hello and welcome to my photo website! Below are some instructions to get you going. The first section is for customers, while the second is specifically for parents on my sons’ sports teams.

For Customers:

How to Download and/or Print Pictures

Your photos will be found in a password-protected gallery. If you don’t have the gallery link, please email me. Once in a gallery, you can scroll through the pictures using the viewer. If you see a picture you like and want to download it, following these directions:

1. Download:

     a. Desktop Computer - Simply click the Download icon (looks like a little down arrow pointing to a line) in the lower right-hand corner below the enlarged picture on the right. A pop-up window will appear that will allow you to save the file to your hard drive.

     b. Mobile Device - Word of warning! If you have a cap on cellular data, I don't advise downloading pictures unless you are connected to wi-fi. Downloading pics is a real data hog! :o When you access the gallery, you'll see just the thumbnails (no viewer on the right). Each thumbnail will have the download icon (little down arrow pointing to a line), which you click on to view the image in larger size. Press and hold on the picture to activate a menu on your phone that should offer you an option to "save as," which will put it in your phone's photo list.

2. Printing:

     a. Once you have downloaded your pictures, you are welcomed to print copies of your images yourself; please contact me for a release form if I haven’t already sent you one.

     b. If you would like assistance printing images, including posters, I am happy to arrange for printing through my local printer for best price and quality. If you have any further questions that aren't answered here, feel free to contact me. Thanks!

For members of my sons' sports teams:

All of the photos on this site are password-protected, so the general populace does not have access to them. The only folks I am giving the password to are the families of my sons’ sports teams, and I would expect that, other than a few grandmas and grandmas, the galleries themselves will not be shared outside of our teams. HOWEVER, if you are at all uncomfortable with having your child's pictures on the web even under these circumstances, please notify me and I will remove his/her pictures and refrain from including him/her in future uploads. I know some parents prefer that their child’s image not be displayed online in any form, and I do my best to respect that.

Each team (lacrosse, football, baseball, or hockey) has a folder on the site, which is linked from the main navigation bar underneath the logo on each page. Each game will be a “gallery” within one of these folders. If you do not know the password for the folder you'd like to access, please email me. Hockey parents: please see the note below to make your searching even easier!

If you like any of the photos of your child, you are absolutely welcomed (and encouraged!) to save copies for yourself. (Instructions above.) If you would like to share them with friends and family, on social media sites, etc., please do so. I only ask that if you’re sharing a picture online, please ensure that you are only sharing a photo of your child unless you have permission from another child’s parents to do so. (Obviously there are photos where there are going to be many kids shown, and it may be impractical to ask permission of other parents, but I hope all parents will use their best judgment.)

For hockey and lacrosse pictures only: I will do my best to tag all the files with the player(s) that is (are) in the shot, using the “keyword” feature. (Sorry, football parents--it's way too hard to figure out who's who with all those players on the field!) Please understand that while I do my best to guess which kid is which, I sometimes miss a few, and I sometimes get them just plain wrong! If you find an incorrect or missing tag, let me know and I’ll fix it. (Each picture has a number that is displayed when you hover your mouse over it. Give me the gallery title and image number and I’ll make the corrections.) The good news is, the keywords are searchable! This is a great way to see ALL your child's pictures on one page! Simply type your child's "keyword" (usually their first name) in the Search box. If you're unsure of what your child's keyword is, just click on the Keyword Cloud link to see all the keywords used for that team. (Note: you must be logged into your team's gallery using the password to see the names.)